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Firstly – FAT32 is still the only disk format that is truly cross-platform compatible.
In other words it will work on whatever computer/digital device that you connect it to.
However it’s elderly and clunky and has a whole bunch of restrictions.
Windows computers will not natively format any drive larger than 32GB in FAT32.
However there are third-party applications, including A&H mixers, that will format a larger (often MUCH larger) drive in FAT32.
The absolute maximum volume (drive) size for FAT32 is 8TB and the absolute largest individual file size is 4GB.
As you head towards these limits, it’s not unusual for specific platforms to fall over long before you get to the theoretical edge.
A&H have limited FAT32 volume size to 2TB to retain integrity with delivery speed to the external drive

You MAY be able to salvage your files with drive recovery software and/or specialist help but as you have already broken the rules for the A&H platform you will have to weigh up the potential cost of this against writing off the gig to experience.

You don’t need a 4TB drive unless you’re doing Live Aid or the entire night of Comic Relief.

A&H mixers are not at all unique in demanding rigorous specifications for their streaming hard-drives.
In IT terms audio multitrack recording needs very precise and controlled constant data communication, which is actually unusual in the industry.
It’s less about data rate and more about consistency as there is a lower level of data-correction and buffering compared to most IT applications.
Sorry to rain on your parade but please use it as a learning experience and next time stick a well respected 500GB drive in the slot and fill your boots!