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David Haughton

Hi @creator, the following issues are known about but have not been fixed in v1.82 and only affect an unformatted drive.

“Known Issues – Qu-Drive:
An unformatted USB key plugged into Qu-Drive is not always recognised by the mixer. You may
need to first format the USB key on a PC or Mac (FAT 32), then try to format it again on the Qu


A hard will reset all settings, but the firmware version will remain on the currently installed version.

It’s worth trying to reinstall v1.82 from a clean USB key, formatted on the mixer and then performing the hard reset by holding the SETUP and RESET buttons whilst switching the mixer on.

If you need to roll back to a previous version you simply need to put the desired version on a USB key and follow the normal firmware update procedure:

Let me know if this works.

If not please submit a technical support request to