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Wow, I just downloaded the free version of your app on my phone. Even though I don’t have a QU series console yet, I will be purchasing the pro version. This app is incredibly easy to use and has a great workflow. It is amazing that you were able to do this in your free time. I think everyone who will use this app should purchase it.

I’m thinking out loud here, but would a good feature to suggest be different users? For example, a small church will be purchasing a QU-Pac in the next year or so. When one of the sound guys go in to mix, they should have full functionality. However, I would only give most users just the ability to mute and control the faders. Is this something that many people would want, or is it just me? (the users would be on the tablet in this scenario. The tablet will live with the console and be used by multiple people)

Thank you for all of your hard work in making this app for android a reality. I’m sure that many people here are rejoicing at the ability to use an android device instead of spending a bunch of money on an Apple device.