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I really goofed a couple of times in my previous reply – I used ‘mixer’ when I meant ‘router’ – I hope my message was understood!

I based my statement about wi-fi support on the following document:
Router Guide

That document is dated in 2013, but when I commented about it previously, I was told that is updated from time to time. However, I find the data to be rather outdated – they speak of a Cisco 1262N Wireless Access Point which sells for anywhere from $500 to $1200, depending on the configuration you get. The hardware configuration you need is difficult to determine, and A&H offers no guidance about it. I see no other router mentioned. At least they do give some guidance about the requirements a router should meet and how it should be set up.

I’ve seen comments in the forum about other routers that work, but finding these posts is problematic, and the circumstances of use is never described in detail.

You’ve used this equipment and been in these forums longer than I. Perhaps you can point us to the results of the Dev-work you mentioned.