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Thanks for the responses thus far. I actually purchased the QU-16 a couple of months ago strictly for live use. I was just wondering if it is worthwhile to use as a studio console. My main concern is the preamps. I use BAE 1072 and similar Neve type preamps as well as LA2A and 1176 compressors, along with Lexicon PCM 90/91 reverbs (and various plugins). I would like to bypass the QU preamps if/when needed. What is the best routing for that? Also, I like how clean the QU preamps are. How do they compare to the Grace Design preamps (which I consider clean)? If not, what external preamps can they be compared to?

I typically record singer/songwriter sessions. So basically two tracks at a time through my Lynx Hilo is sufficient. I am finding that there are more acts wanting to record more than two tracks at a time. This is where I would like to use the QU-16. I would rather not have to purchase an additional mixer if the general consensus is that the QU-16 is up to the task.