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Its not just setting monitor levels that our current Standard users use the iPad for, they use it to remotely change channel EQ settings etc. from the front (rather than at desk at back) or go up to the balcony and adjust the balcony speaker levels (which are on Grps1-2) with the iPad.

Now if i update to V1.8 (which I don’t plan to) they will not be able to do this and they will put pressure on me (via the Pastor) to give them the password, which is the desk Admin password….which now means I don’t have any security for all the essential settings which i usually store in Scenes 1-10 (which only the two Admin users have access to).

Obviously the current A & H software developers consider that only the admin should be able to use the iPad, or else they consider all users should have the Admin password…why then have different security access levels.
Maybe this will be corrected on V1.9, I will have to wait until then before I update !!