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Thanks GCumbee. That was my first thought as well and to only connect the left (or right?) to the amps (which are all run in mono BTW). My fear with this is that someone will inadvertently adjust panning on a strip and create issues. I am also not sure yet what center weighted pan law this desk uses and how that might play into this type of scenario. I assume that it also burns another output socket/bus that could potentially be used for something else. And the way it would be represented on the board makes it appear as if there is actually stereo available, which to me “looks” less than elegant and might be confusing to a user. I am sure that this would “work”, I am just not familiar enough with the intricacies of this board and its software yet to decide yet if it is indeed the the “best” way. I am hoping that this has come up before with these in large wide room full mono setups and that there is a more elegant solution even if it is not necessarily the “simplest” one.