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AR2412+AB168 means inputs 1-24 are on the AR2412, inputs 25-40 are on the AB168, and inputs 41-48 are the local connections on the rear of the GLD surface. The GLD can have up to 120 inputs connected to it at once: (24 (AR2412) +16 (AB168) +8 (surface) +8 (AR84) + 64 (Dante, or other expansion card, eg madi.) I may have missed some. However, of these 120 inputs, you can only choose 44 mono + 2 stereo (+onboard fx returns) to mix at a time. Luckily you can choose to source your inputs from whatever combination of preamps/dante channels/local line-ins that you want, and this can change on a scene-by-scene basis. You can patch mixes and direct outs (or even just send inputs straight to outputs) to any of the outputs you happen to have connected to the system at the time. IIRC the only output that isn’t freely patchable is the headphone socket on the surface.

Edit: you can also use any unused but connected preamps/outputs to act as IO for outboard processors to be used as inserts on channels/mixes.