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I’d be boosting the speech mics into the streamed mix.

At church I have a slightly complex setup (not on a QU), so bear with it for a moment.

The vocalist mics are normally not routed to the Loop or Foyer mixes except as part of the main mix.
The Speech mics however get a significant boost, this effectively ‘compresses’ the music, by boosting the spoken word.

When a vocalist starts to talk however… They are much too quiet in those mixes.
So I have a “vocal boost” aux, which I send to the foyer and loop matrices – the vocalist mices are unity post-fade into the mix, and the mix master is on my custom layer.
Additionally the FX return is ducked, based on the level of the Mix output – so when I boost the vocalists speech into the loop/foyer mixes the FX are automatically cut – we don’t need/want reverb and chorus on speech…

In general speech is much lower energy than singing or music, so it will need to be significantly boosted into the streaming matrix.