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Awesome to read about you guys! I’m ptobably one of the youngest here! Just turned 28 a couple of days ago and I’m from Switzerland! Started to tweak the sound of my own band at the rehearsal and on stage, after failing to be a good musician I decided to stay at the FoH, that was now 5years ago! After some Behringer products my first real Mixer was a GL2400-32 with a big outboard rack. Loved the Quality of A&H and after a shootout against Soundcraft Si Performer 2 and Yamaha LS9, I decided for a GLD-80 and don’t regret it at all! It’s such an amazing desk! I sold now my GL2400 and bought me as well a Qu-16 for small events. Founded 1year ago my own rental company and doing mostly live-sound for bands!
I’m really A&H addicted, checking out this forum nearly every day and I want to figure out all the possibilities of these Mixers! I think there is more than you will find in the manual 🙂

Actually I’m on a Worldtravel and looking forward to meet a lot of other people using A&H desks! I mainly checking out a lot of music festivals! In a couple of days I will be in Australia and join the Soundwavefestival where I will see Of Mice and Men with the GLD-80 at FoH! (Excited!)
Maybe I visit dhak in NZ as well for shaking hand!? 😉