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According to what I hear from several pro audio engineers that actually used this gear in the last months, your thoughts reflect biased (and wishful?) thinking that is quite far from reality.

A reality that’s not only disturbing to lots of audio companies but also to quite a lot of audio engineers.

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Anyone can make a great DSP. That’s all the X32 is, they’ve taken a powerful DSP and built some cheap preamps based off a solid design. That part is quite impressive, that part isn’t what I;m concerned about.

I’ve used one, and yes, when it functions, its pretty impressive. But there’s no data on long-term reliability. People said the same thing about the Studiolive when it came out, and then those started failing. Not often, but often enough that anyone who even thinks of the phrase ‘mission critical’ wouldn’t consider it as a main console. I have complete confidence in the GLD, even an OV1. I do not have that same confidence for a SL or an X32. Maybe one day i’ll be proved wrong, when the 20k units in the field are still working fine.

Gut the one I was using failed that day. How? 8 banks of inputs would not respond, no audio signal passed, nothing. Turns out a B rep was on-site (demo event) and one of the ribbon cables had come loose in transport. Why? Because the factory forgot to glue it down.

Anyway we’re way of topic and I apologize for that, $100 for software is laughably low in this world of professional audio. I with the iPad authorization was transferable, but that’s an Apple issue. in the meantime I’m fine paying for a good product.

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