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Richard, I was just thinking the same thing about the lack of a ‘demo’ version… I’ve just been emailing an engineer who is coming up soon with a touring band, the last time he came through I had him download the Tweak app beforehand, and in the email just now he’s said how keen he is to check out the iPad app… when he gets here!
I think if there could be an offline only demo version (i.e. Fully functional but not actually able to connect to a mixrack – just the demo you see when you download it now) for nix on the iTunes store you’d see a lot more engineers grabbing it (as I did as soon as the Yamaha M7CL app came out, even though I very rarely use one). Either that or the current version could maybe be uploaded, with the wifi link enabled as an in-app purchase for the full price? Just one thought…

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