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I think Tweak Vers 1 is great! Thanks A&H – but here is my wish list for possible improvements:

1: a “Mixer” view with multiple faders. At the moment you can only access one fader at a time. I would like to be able to adjust fader levels and mutes right from the channel selector. For example if you have the “Inputs” window open then each channel displayed should actually be a fader with a Mute switch. If you take the current input view and lock the rotation, and lie the iPhone on it’s side (Landscape view) you then have named vertical channels that you can scroll left/Right. Now imagine them all being a fader so you don’t need to go into each strip to adjust the level. This would allow more than one channel to be adjusted at a time (important for dual mono stereo sources). You would still have the blue arrow at the top say to go into each channel for detailed EQ etc and a side “Channel selector” button to go back to select the mix type (Inputs/Mix/FX etc).
The strips may need to be made slightly wider but you should be able to view access at least 8-10 channels at a time.

2: Once logged in would it be possible to stay logged when switching apps with iphone OS4 multitasking? At the moment if you switch to a different app and then back to Tweak you need to log in again – Select user/enter password each time. Bit of a pain and I assume the only way around this is to disable user/passwords completely?

3: An “Are you Sure” warning before EQ settings get flattened!

4: In the GEQ window – how about being able to scroll the blue selection area by swiping left/right in the Top Overview window and have the faders below scroll. Not sure if this is even possible with the iphone operating system as you would have two swipe zones within the one window?

5: Also in the GEQ overview window an indication of the freq’s – Even just one (text) indication every Octave

6: Can we have a mix master level fader in or next to the GEQ window? So that when tweaking foldback eq you have quick access to it.

7: I also would like the “Mix” functionality as previously requested by others to be able to remotely dial up monitor mix’s


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd