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The ability to gang inputs and outputs like a PM5D – ie hold select down on the first channel and then press select on subsequent channels, also i would like Ganging to automatically include all parameters except routing and when only 2 channels are ganged they are nearly always gonna be stereo so “opposed panning” could be automatic as an option (but only optional)

How about more plugins, development on the fx section seems to have stopped,

+1 for excluding certain sections from global fader link mode.

Internal FX input naming should auto name the outputs too. This is double workload and a pita every new show.

Auto archive facility so that you dont lose everything by mistake … ( I certainly didnt do a whole show with multiple scenes and then recall a different show to copy some library files to my USB key, to go back to my original show only to find that all my scenes had disappeared! …. nope i certainly did NOT make that mistake……. errr honest)

Which leads me onto a place on the touch screen where a global library can reside. Its a long job recalling shows just to get that certain EQ or Compression setting that you forgot to copy on your USB key.