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    what would You like to have added to Your iLive?

    I’ll start:
    -Easy centering of EQ faders (belive this one is coming)
    -Vi style ganging of channels
    -Gated reverbs
    -Online accessible user libraries for eq, effects and dynamics

    I’ll think of more soon. I met Carey and Leon at PLASA and looked at the latest additions to the system, the on/ offline editor and the added support for PL-units and an external touchscreen looked good! This system will continue to develop and their support is fantastic!!

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    Audio output from touchscreen allowing MP3 playback for pre-show.
    A new module that can be inserted in the Rack or Surface that contains a CD player and or MP3 player that can be accessed and controlled from the touch screen.

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    “QWERTY” keyboard :-)

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    Gain tracking Arghhh!
    Spent the weekend with a 144 on monitors and 112 on FOH gave the Monitor engineer the gain control (sensible move for sure) but as usual when he tweaked his I had to do the reverse for FOH. Bit of a pain.
    Still as a couple of B.E’s were heard to say it sounded sweeter than the PM5 it was sitting next too.

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    You can reset the whole graphic flat on faders by holding down reset and pressing the sel button on the touch screen. Individual bands is being looked at – as you said. As is channel ganging.
    I have just finished the prototype gated verbs for iLive should be in v1.4 touch wood. i think they sound great.
    Online accesible libraries, we wanted some user’s library settings first, maybe we need some web space for them. Could be interesting..

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    genrally it would be great – that fader to zero-function i would have it on a softknob,of course with (full) bank select option


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    Being able to use system manager online without a surface.
    That would be great for the corporate stuff where a laptop is all you need.

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    a multiband/”mastering style” compressor for a rec/broadcast submix
    (stereo aux as output for broadcast)i did a little 10 years anyversary
    of a local radiostation the venue was club size (250 people) therefore not enough guitars on the foh masters (they where loud enough on stage).
    it worked pretty well we used a external mb comp but you know…


    allen&heath i-live digital /focusrite octopre/ rme digi/multiface/
    samplitude pro v 10.01 / sample-tank / synthogy ivory / DFHS drummer
    algoritmix renovator/de scratch pro/de noise pro/peq orange red and blue /K-stereo

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    mp3 playback / recording to a USB drive – like the LS9 from Yamaha.

    We’re just getting rolling on the desk – so far I’m impressed, but I’m certainly too new to have very many suggestions.

    -Bryce Larson
    Production Manager
    The Arts Center on 7

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    I would love to see timing available on scene recall – crossfade times. This would allow timed panning, channel level etc to be stored and recalled.

    -Bryce Larson
    Production Manager
    The Arts Center on 7

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    A multiband compressor would be wonderful!
    And May I suggest some form of room-tuning tool to round off the RTA section?

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    After few months of working on iLive there are some issues I would like to see changed or implemented:
    -fader calibration;
    -faster starting up. much faster. 1:20 is not a good time for live situation;
    -test function allowing to check all faders, LCDs and LEDs;
    -implemented speaker processing unit (it will be nice invention);
    -minesweeper and solitaire;
    -possibility of using two surfaces with one mixrack;
    -possibility of using two mixracks with one surface;
    -‘clear all console’ software button, reseting all control parameters, names and layout;
    -faster patchbay – i.e. seabattle style;
    -surround panning (and multichannel effect processors);
    -screen saver with timer counting down to the end of gig (:

    I’ll write more, if some new idea occur (:
    Best regards for all!


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    Hi Zike :-)

    Did you allready use the Editor ?
    Patching is VERY fast with the editor,

    -and on the same laptop you can play solitaire and minesweeper !

    -clear all button ? why not load empty or preset sessions that you made for your setup ?
    All rental companies have different setups. MAke your own empty session and load.

    -speakermanagement is allready an old discussion for the iLive
    Was a good plan originally, but lotta Rental companies said NO WAY !
    Is a bit tricky to send a few engineers on the road , with
    just loading another mix or setup and speakermangemnt is then included,
    must be protected very good, otherwise a dangerous option.
    must speakermanagement will allways be done in the ampracks with XTA, BSS or OEM processors.

    Other subject is system main matrix management , but that works fine now as it is in the iLive

    – multiple console and rack setups are planned for the future, you allready can control 1 rack
    now by console and laptop from 2 places….. :-) using laptop for monitors.

    -YEah a test mode ! and then let all lights flash and all faders move….
    Yeah ! Let’s give that mode a city name…. not an USA city like Vegas mode, not an italian city like Verona
    but call it LONDON mode, or Cornwall mode :-)

    -Would love the calibration !

    -Surround ? what’s the percentage of your projects wich use surround ?

    Greetz from Holland !

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    Hi Jaap!
    I think you are right. Some of my habits can be caused by using DShow venue for a long time. Also work ‘standards’ in Poland makes me thinking of such things like speaker processor in console.
    -London or Cornwall mode can be differ than other_city_name mode. I need only to light up all LEDs (yesterday I have to replace one). I don’t need blinking and flashing but sometimes it is very useful thing (:
    -Sometimes it is hard to put next laptop to work with the console. It is obviously very good idea, but when my computer controls the PA system, wireless microphones and records few tracks I don’t want to ask him for more (:
    -Surround is not offen now. But I try to do some things using surround panning. I use auxes to set source position in space, and will be very happy when pan knob can act as an Left/Right and Front/Rear.
    -Laptop for monitors? It is fine to me. I worked with 01V96 hidden under the table. I heard that ‘I have a good sound card’ from a man who saw me controlling sound from laptop (: But have you ever tried to imagine old soundman, who hates digital desks working on laptop? Digital desks are prohibited in some polish technical riders, so asking those men for working on laps will cause serious health problems (like a broken nose…) (:
    Of course, in many times I can do the whole gig even on A&H Wizard or similar. But I am thinking of those who needs 64 channel, 4 FXs, 24 gates and of course multiblink-o-flashing rack for acoustic jazz trio… Sometimes we have to cooperate with people like this and every ‘problem’ will be pointed and commented in not polite way.
    Jaap, what do you think about countdown timer??? (:
    Greetings from Poland!


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    Hi ZiKE

    – Cornwall mode will rule !!! Just to irritate the lightguy next to me :-)

    – Calibration is nice when done manual, but during your “long” startuptime a lot of calibration is allready done,
    but I agree on an extra manual calibration to reset after “√§ccidents”

    – A laptop connected for setup, using the editor… I do that also with XTA software, Martin Audio software
    and Shure Workbench running at the same time, Why/How ? I use the editor for prepping a show, when prepping
    and patching i’m not working on my PA or mic’s…. maybe just my idea.
    and yeah what’s the cost of an extra laptop to make the work with the iLive a lot easier….
    many mixers with more screens are far more expensive :-) for that difference i can buy about 20 laptops.

    – When MADI is ready for you ilive, use the RME madifaceE with your laptop…. haha then they will love your soundcard.

    – The countdowntimer ? So your shows are timed or on a Digidesign rig , that you know exactly when your show ends….
    Well at the moemnt that I am desparately seeking for a countdown timer to reach the end of my show, maybe it is
    better to find another Job or production :-) Cannot find a serious argument for that one, I’m sorry !

    You know what I would love ?

    -More flexible Ethersound functions in the console for advanced users, Like tweaking the ES A port for using more
    “free” lines, or patching from I to O on other rack or console, so you won’t need any extra analog tielines anymore,
    or will not loose any buss and input DSP.
    -More world wide engineers who scream about the sound quality of these consoles, the FX quality and above all, the
    cross console compatibility : a show from your small setup (80) will sound the same on th big touring rig (176)
    and that is the way AH is working to….. Ever tried to load a show from a M7CL to a PM5D ??
    -3 HE racks with 2 cardslots and a RAB card, with a manual switch on it in 4 modes….. 1-16/17-32/33-48/49-64
    -overview screen output that displays not the touchscreen but a User based mix of in/outputs ( multiple ! , like
    all inputs together )

    and many other things wich are allready on the list and written in this discussion…….

    But anyway , we love them allready :-)

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