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‘ real world input channel numbering ‘

This was an idea suggested by the house engineers at a London venue to another manufacturer of mixracks and surfaces and consequently included in a software upgrade.

Include analog style numbering of mixrack input channels.

Imagine the scenario , a patchmonkey is onstage , perhaps using analog sattelite boxes to the mixrack , or mixrack is located FOH with an analog multi. Patchmonkey yells across venue to FOH engineer ‘ Oi I am bumping 13 up to 26 for the support ‘ It is unlikely that habits will change and he is going to say ‘ excuse me the input for B5 is now in D3 ‘
Perhaps another window could be added to the input select screen , eg:

B / 7 / (15)


C / 3 / (19)

Anybody else like this idea ?

T-112 / IDR 48 / v 1.51