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1jellomello, I think you should have bought an I-Live not a T-Series. A lot of your requests are for features that are in the I-Live and are what makes it a more expensive / flexible option.

I would vote for leaving the channel naming the same as the I-Live and as Carey says, it makes it portable between the big rack and the T-Series.

One thought is to potentially go down a ‘modular’ software architecture approach and opening up the system to allow 3rd party apps and plugins. Then if someone wants something wacky, they can write their own module to do that function.

You could have a ‘Certified A&H application’ program so that 3rd party developers could have their apps tested and evaluated by A&H (for a fee) and then the user community would know it was reliable.

I see a huge potential for this on effects front, perhaps even specialist EQ plugins etc. Or new control protocols. For example, if A&H released a control API then anyone could implement their own control protocol to take advantage of this.

hmmm, the possibilities are endless :)