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    I’ll explain what prompted this.

    It’s a workflow thing. Our setup is fairly static from week to week, so we have a base scene that covers just about anything we need, but we don’t want that scene to change…ever…unless the base setup actually changes.

    So, whomever is running sound would be instructed to load the base scene, then save it as a new scene for that particular performance, then tweak the settings in the copy.

    Now, let’s say we make a tweak that we want to keep by updating the base scene, but we ONLY want TAHT tweak and not any of the other settings for that performance. How would we do that?

    If we change a User Library setting (PEQ) for example, do all of the scenes that use that setting use that new update, or do we need to re-apply the library settings to any scene that needs them?

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    Mike C

    From the title of the your post I’m guessing that the “tweak” is on the channel PEQ’s.

    Your special PEQ tweaks could be saved in the EQ library named as what they are for
    to be recalled and opened when needed on different channels.

    Also your scene recalls can have safes set to only allow certain settings to be recalled. You can
    also set global safes that apply to all scene recalls.

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    Yes, PEQ, primarily, but would also apply to Gate and Compression.

    Okay, so let’s say do the following:

    – Open our default saved scene.
    – Save it as a new scene so the original is preserved. Let the operator make any changes. If changes should be adopted into the default scene, we would have to first overwrite the PEQ library setting, then open the default scene and load the new settings, then save the default scene?

    Is there another workflow that will help us?

    Ideally, we would tell the scene to always re-load a given library’s settings from the most recently saved library setting, so any scene that is “linked” to that setting would experience the updated library setting upon loading.

    Does that make sense?

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    Mike C

    If I’m reading it like your thinking the pre library setting could be handy but not really needed.

    You have your default starting scene loaded.
    – Make any needed changes for the for the given weeks event.
    – Save that as a new scene with a new name.
    – For the next week after that lets say only a few small changes are needed from
    the week prior.
    – You start with the scene you just “tweaked” make the few small changes.
    – Save that newly updated scene with yet another scene name.

    You just keep building from the previously saved scene, not staring over
    from the default scene each time.

    For safety I would back up your scenes to a USB stick and to give yourself a quick back up so to speak I would re save your default scene at the bottom of the scene list so when someone accidentally overwrites your default scene you have another copy still stored in the board kind of hidden out of site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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