What is the power consumption of the QU16?

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    Yes I know it is max. 82 watt, but what’s the nominal power usage? I would like to use it on my cart which runs on DC 12V most of the time. And I would like to know if this is an option with a power inverter… I don’t know if it depends on the in- and outputs (4 mics phantom, 6 line level, 6 outputs) and the effects (eq, LPF, HPF) being used? Has someone ever measured the power consumption?
    Or any other ideas/options/opinions?

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    Mike C

    It’s not going increase or decrease with what is connected to the mixer
    or what processing is active.
    I guess in theory the more mics with phantom power turned on would increase
    the power draw ever so very very slightly as would the brightness of the screen.

    Regardless what your going to be running on an inverter you do not want to figure the
    inverter capacity and the load down to the last watt!!
    I would want a safety cushion, in your case maybe a 400 watt inverter.

    All power inverters are not created equal, some put out a pure sine wave others it more like square wave.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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