What could it be in the upcoming V1.9 firmware?!

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    Howdy all,

    I’ve only been using my Qu-Pac for the past couple of months (in a studio environment), but just got the email of the upcoming V1.9 firmware. Was just curious what everyone’s thoughts were about what could be included in it.


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    I’m hoping for more destinations for “soft keys”. Thinking more soft keys to mix functions like mutes on more than just groups, HPF engage, FX parameters, etc.

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    Yeah, not much info in the email from A&H. I checked here and their website, but didn’t see any mention of the firmware update.

    Anyone else have any more information?

    Studio 52

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    Sound On Sound did an interview with A&H regarding their new QU-SB and there was some mention of some of the new features in the 1.9 QU-PAD app. There will be soft key assignment, midi faders and QU-Drive control and more in depth settings for scenes. I’m hoping we will also see the Spectropgraph on QU-PAD?
    As the QU-SB has no physical controls on it I would expect the QU-PAD app to eventually have control of every feature of the QU series!?

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    Spectro on QuPad, and/or spectro overlaid on PEQ/GEQ screens would be nice.

    There are a couple of things which will come in around QuDrive to support the SB, so that will be nice too..

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    Grafics Analyzer in realtime on eq screen when select a channel like the midas 32… if the cpu is capable!!!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bev6oauFCUY this simple function is fantastic

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