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    Now that we have some idea what A&H are planning for v1.5 I thought it may be worth sugesting some tweeks that they could implement before release.
    First off Thanks to A&H for adding so many user requested features. Not a lot of manufactures do this.

    So my tweek is to do with the DCA spills. As I understand it at the moment you have to press and hold the “Ch to all” button after selecting a DCA.
    Problem with this is you use the use of one hand as its there stuck pressing the button down. On a larger console like SQ6 and SQ7 this could cause a lot of problems
    when you want to tweek a mix and only have one hand to do it.

    Can I suggest that this button be a latch.. that way you can press it once to enter spill mode then again to exit. you could have somehting like the scribble strips turn inverted when in spill mode to
    let you know you are not on the normal layer. Ideally I suppose the option in the setup menu to choose either momentary or latch would be ideal.

    Looking forward to 1.5


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    Maybe make it work the same way as the Talkback button’s “Momentary + Latch” behaviour?

    “Touch the momentary latch ‘On’ button to enable the ‘Talk’ key latching mode. When this mode is on, a quick single press of the ‘Talk’ key switches talkback on or off, though the key will continue to work as in momentary mode if held.”

    I’ve also suggested before that “Ch to All” be made available as an option for the foot switch.

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    I do this via the tablet:

    Load up the SQ MixPad App
    Create a new softkey that is assigned to DCA Spill to Faders.
    Now tap that softkey once
    Press Select on DCA Channel via the CONSOLE and it will spill onto console layer.
    Once above is successful you can unpatch that softkey command and it will retain that setting through power cycles / scenes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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