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    I am not crazy about the reverbs in my GLD112 and wanted to explore this topic. I was thinking that I can somehow hook up my laptop with my audiointerface, and then send individual channels/groups? from the console to the DAW and back again with the effect on. If some of you know how – i would really appreciate a step by step “how to”


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    If you are using an external audio interface, you can use the local IO to pass signals from the GLD to this interface and back form the interface to the GLD.
    The output sockets of the GLD which are connected to the interface can be assigned to the outputs of mixbusses (post fader) which are used as send busses for the external FX. The returning signals which are coming to input sockets oft the GLD can be assigned to channels to be mixed together with the rest of the channels.
    This is quite the same procedure as you will do when you connect an external multi effect processor.

    On the Laptop I would prefer to you an VST Host like the Waves MultiRack, or LiveProfessor. There are also freely available VST Hosts. But for the first steps it would be possible to use a DAW to do that job. In this software you have to load the favorite Reverb plugin and connect that plugin to the inputs and outputs of your interface.
    Then send signals to the computer, tweak the parameters of the reverb as you like and listen;-)

    I am afraid that more detailed instructions needs the information which Computer, Interface and software you want to use.

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    That sounds great. So let’s say I want to send my lead vocal to the daw reverb. I will have my lap top placed by the console, so I guess i have to assign one or more outputs on the back of the console, to some sort of AUX? or what is this option called? And then i assign an input on the console for the return, right? What kind of input? and then – Do I then need a send and a return fader to hear the reverb or do I only need the AUX fader?
    Sorry for the confusing question – i hope you can make sense of what I mean.

    ps. I will use Pro Tools

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