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    I was wondering if it’s possible to connect a Qu-32 to an SQ-5 with the sLink port, and then connect a Dante SB to the SQ5 and be able to pull audio from the stage box on the Qu? I am trying to get a stage box that would be able to run at 96k for the SQ, but also work with the Qu. Is this possible?


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @rychapleski,

    This is indeed possible!
    It would be easiest to think about as a connection of two systems, one being an SQ + Dante option card + DT expander and the other being just the Qu.
    As the Qu cannot clock to an external source, you would need to clock the SQ to the Qu, the Dante option card to the SQ and DT expander to the card. The SQ system would still run all audio at 96kHz though 🙂
    Using Tie Lines on the SQ would allow signals to be passed between the Qu and DT expander, but it’s worth noting that the Qu would have no idea what expander is being used. This means all preamp control would be on the SQ, with trim on the Qu.

    If you’re not using Dante for other reasons btw – you could also use an SLink card in the SQ paired with any DX/GX expander (all 96kHz).

    Hope this helps!

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    Use my SQ5 with a DX32/DX012 combination most of the time had to slot in a remote DX hub but it makes for a very powerful and flexible system. Possibly not the cheapest way to do this but as the DX gear etc and I/O cards are from existing stock made perfect sense.
    Bring on the Prime cards.😉

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