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    I have the mixer connected to my computer with the ASIO drivers installed.

    I have a mic plugged into M1, 2 XLR from DI box into M3, M4. I have the USB switch set to M1 – M2 – L – R

    I need to send L-R to the computer to send to a zoom call.

    On the computer I have audio

    Zedi-10 M1
    Zedi-10 M2
    Zedi-10 M3
    Zedi-10 M4
    Zedi-10 1& 2

    I only seem to be able to get a good signal from Zedi-10 M4 – is that the L&R out ?

    I’m confused what Zedi-10 1&2 is meant to be and confused why Zedi-10 M4 is giving me voice & guitar when only guitar signal is plugged into M4.

    Would appreciate any help if I correctly have L&R through M4 on the computer.



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    Oh, I didn’t spot this but I also have another usb input Zedi-10 3&4 – this gives me guitar and voice mixed to stereo but 1&2 only gives mono voice and no guitar.

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    KeithJ A&H


    The 4×4 USB interface in the ZEDi-10 (and ZEDi-10FX) sends 4 signals at any time.
    Multiple WDM devices are created in Windows by the driver and these have some overlap
    e.g. ‘ZEDi-10 M1’ is a mono input WDM device, which gets the same signal as the left channel of the ‘ZEDi-10 1&2’ stereo input WDM device.

    So you need to make use of the USB OUT switches on the mixer to route signal as expected.
    With your USB OUT set to M1–M2–L–R, you will indeed be getting the R signal on the WDM device labelled ‘M4’.

    There is a table in the driver help document which explains the different configurations here –,-273,733


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    Thanks for referring me to this doc that is really useful – that gives me everything I need.

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