Unstable Wifi and bluetooth, when sitting right next to QC-20B

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    Hi there,
    Yesterday I opened the box on my new CQ-20B! I set up my iPad Air 2 with MixPad, and connected over wifi no problem (2.4ghz, wpa password enabled). I set about configuring all the channels for my band. To test the config, I plugged in a microphone, and set up bluetooth from my iPhone 14 to play some spotify through the mixer. I was sitting right next to the mixer at home (minimal other network devices around). Over about 45 minutes, I saw a MixPad message on the iPad screen like a dozen times – something like “connection unstable” – it would pop up for a few seconds, then go away.
    Also, after about 15 minutes, I noticed the bluetooth playback started glitching/stalling/rewinding – making it unusable.

    This raises some big concerns!! If this is all happening at home, what’s going to happen at the gig?? Can I depend on bluetooth for a between-set playlist, or is it going to start glitching like that? Will the wifi be stable when there’s 5 band members connected with cq4you, and there’s a few hundred audience phones in the room?

    Are there some best practices to ensure smooth operation? I understand 2.4ghz wifi is supposed to be more stable than 5ghz. But iiuc, Bluetooth operates in the same frequency range. Should I switch the wifi to 5ghz?


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    I would try the 5 gh.
    I had the same problem with the CQ18, after I switched everything was ok,

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    5ghz is definitely working better

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    There are some great nuggets of info here regarding best practices for network set up in live/ busy environments

    Can IEM transmitter suppress WiFi signal?
    byu/z3r0_c0o1 inlivesound

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    Mike C

    If you trying to use one of the many Amazon 2.4ghz wireless mics and or IEM systems, those can flood a local WIFI router and also have issues operating in a crowded WIFI area.

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