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    As the title says. Two finger pinch for EQ width!

    I’m surprised it still isn’t a feature and the screens have multi touch!

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    And more touch screen functionality in general. Other than the pinch to control Q (which doesn’t work anywhere), pretty much all of the other functions work on a touchscreen running Director, but don’t work on the Avantis touchscreen. This proves the functionality is there, but A&H has prevented the Avantis touchscreen from reacting in the same way. The console’s touchscreen should offer the same functionality as the Director software IMHO.

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    It’s rather silly that we have these large touch screens but aren’t allowed to use them as much as we could, but in stead are forced to use rotaries for many things.
    This is very unintuitive and surprises most people I show the console and it surprised me.
    I have nothing against having the option to control things on physical pots, but I want to be able to control them via touch too, if that’s what I prefer.

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    Tatsuya Nakamura


    Since the patch screen allows zooming in/out with two finger operation, I feel that there is nothing that cannot be done on the display side.

    Is it difficult to find the threshold of recognition of which band is the operation?

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    I suspect it’s just a dlive legacy thing.
    Maybe the touch screens of the original dLive original dlive were too small or not accurate enough to allow a lot of touch gestures.

    Now that the Avantis has nice large touch screens they just haven’t got round to doing it or they were too stuck in their old patterns to do so.
    The incessant insistence on us using the touch & turn knob is case in point there
    I think. Yes, touch & turn is useful but it is by no means always the best, let alone the easiest way to do things.
    I’ve said it many times and I’ll keep saying it until it changes: it is plain unintuitive to not be able to adjust knobs displayed on touch screens while we can use touch flip toggles.
    Avantis is a really cool desk, but there’s a lot of potential to be squeezed out and I think it should be, even next gen dlive would benefit from it.
    I feel like A&H should not dictate how we should control our desk, but give us options and let us choose which is the more appropriate way for our use case.
    For instance, I happen to like using a touch screen and gestures to control EQs and compressors. It’s really quick for broad stroke work. Only in specific situations do I prefer using physical pots to do so. I like having the option to use pots, but I seriously dislike not having the option to use the touch screen.
    The clunky horrible touch screens on our Digico S21 allow me to use the EQ gain, sweep and Q with touch alone and I often do.
    I don’t see any reason why the Avantis should offer a worse experience while it clearly has superior hardware!
    It obviously hasn’t been on A&H’s priority list, but I think it’s an omission and if it were my product, I’d be embarrassed about it and would invest R&R to sort that out.
    I’m sure there are more important things to sort out, but I think this console is simply not complete without proper touch control.

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