Two AR2412 connected to one GLD – More flexibility with stageboxes

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    It would be great being able to connect two AR2412 to the GLD series – daisy chain or to the expander out. My point is not having more channels (of course this would also be nice…;-)). But as the topic title says this would add some great flexibility to the system in the daily work.
    In other words it would be a great help, when we could do the same thing with the AR2412 what you already can do with the AB168.
    You can even connect an AR2412 to an QU16 with not being able to use all the channels of the stagebox.
    For a small rental company like us (with two GLDs and two QUs, 2x AR2412 and 3x AR84) this would make our daily work at least a bit easier πŸ™‚

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    two AR2412 to the GLD series – daisy chain or to the expander out.

    Yes! that system would possibly help me decide to purchase a GLD.
    Does the GLD have 2 PAFL busses? 😐

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    More flexibility in the setup of the AR2412 would be great.

    The current setup my church has is a little ass-backwards. We have a 2412 and a 168. Since we have the console at FOH along with our wireless, we are forced to have the 2412 at FOH and the 168 on stage. While we can currently just barely squeak our entire stage setup onto the 168, there is no room for expansion. We are looking at having to run another CAT-5 line from the stage back to FOH to enable us to put the 168 at FOH with the wireless and the 2412 on stage.

    Since D-Snake is an ethernet protocol, it shouldn’t be *that* hard to enable a 168 on the local port, should it? Or enable a 168 to chain to a 2412 rather than the other way around, right?

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    We tried that – but didn’t work out of the box, did you manage to make it work? We have a similar situation but with a function band

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    D-snake is 100mb not 1gb, so I suspect there might be some technical challenges at hand.

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    No technical challenges there – sorry to contratict πŸ˜‰ – since we don’t need more channels on one Dsnake line…
    The only thing we would need is the flexibility to use an AR2412 instead of an AR84 or better the AB168 – with no more channels available as with these combos. That is what it’s all about.

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    +1 Having a second AR2412 inputting channels 25 to 44 (or even 48) into a GLD would be a very a useful addition.

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    Mike Storm

    This was posted in a previous thread:

    We are not planning to support multiple AR2412 on dSNAKE due to the architecture limitations of the protocol.

    I believe dSNAKE has a fixed channel mapping table, basically each dSNAKE channel is allocated to a specific I/O socket.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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