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    Andre S

    Hi Everybody,

    when I playback music via the SQ Drive I can see the player modus (play/pause) in the upper righthand corner of the touchscreen. I would realy like to see the tracktitle there as well. We use the SQ drive for playing Backing Tracks. Starting/pausing playback and skipping to the next track is done via softbuttons 4,5 and 6. Also in theatre application I regularily have to play sounds or songs while the play. Checking and assuring with one quick look at the screen, that I´ve got the correct track loaded would be really cool and help the workflow. And since there is enough space…if no track is loaded, a clock would be nice!


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    How would the SQ know what time it is?


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    Andre S

    By implementing a digital clock! My Midas knows the time, my X32 knows it, my kemper Amp and even my phone…why shouldn´t the SQ be able? One might think, that the XCVI Core is powerful enough, right? 🙂
    It´s not a high priority feature suggestion, but it might be easy to implement and comes in handy all the time:
    “ok guys, you´ve got 15 minutes left for your soundcheck before the doors open.”
    ” And the show starts in 3,2,1…”
    “I need 3 minutes preparation. Then please play my opening music”
    “We all count down 10,9,8,7,…Happy New Year”
    “please make your set no longer than 20 minutes…”

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @andreschaier ,

    I think what @davidco is hinting at is the fact that the SQ does not have a realtime clock inside, unlike the other devices you mention (and our GLD and dLive systems for example).

    It would need to have some way of measuring time before it could then use that information to show a clock.
    The XCVI core is indeed very powerful, but is a dedicated audio processing and mixing core developed from the ground up, and is not a ‘computer’ in the way you might be thinking.

    As with our Qu series, adding a realtime clock would add cost for very little benefit (there are already clocks in many other things as you pointed out).

    So funnily enough, although it might seem like a basic thing, it would actually be impossible to implement!

    Regarding the track titles, I have noted the request, though I would say there is already a lot of information that needs to be displayed, that may not always be apparent (connected IO option cards, expanders, clocking notifications, scenes etc…).


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    Andre S

    Hi Keith,

    thank you for your reply. Now that you explained a little deeper the nature of the core, i can see that the cost-effectiveness ratio is not well balanced if you send people out coding in a clock, when there are so many more live-mix-essential features have to be programmed and bugs have to fixed
    And wow: “…it would actually be impossible to implement!” I would have never guessed that. Looking forward to the next update!

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    Andre S – there are plenty consoles with RTC out there if that is crucial for your application. As RTC is a piece of hardware, it is very unlikely there will be a mod to add this to the SQ.

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