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    Not sure how to get the talkback into the ME500. Its plugged into the talkback channel on the qu16 which is run to an AB168. I have to floor monitors coming out of 2 mix channels and 2 Me500s. I can get the talkback out of the floor monitors but can figure out how to route to the personal mixers.

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    If you have a spare group or mix, send the talkback to it and assign it to the ME.

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    Mike C

    I believe you can directly assign the PAFL directly to anyone of the 40 channels for the ME monitors.

    It’s in the IO set up menu under the monitor tab, select the ME channel you want and then scroll through the choices.

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    This looks like an old post. I’m in the same boat. how do you assign something to the ME500 directly? They are plugged into the dsnake and a switch but the ME500’s aren’t on their own channel, I don’t understand how they talk to the board.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Kpjax,

    The ME system is fed signal by dSnake outputs 21-60. On the Qu, these are found in the Setup > IO Patch > Monitor tab. These signals are then passed to each ME unit connected to the dSnake port.

    The ME-500 automatically takes the first 16 channels in this monitor tab and assigns them to the 16 keys. In comparison to the ME-1, which can configure the key assignments on the unit, the ME-500 would require an assignment change on the desk.


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    Mike C

    The ME monitor input channels can be assigned to all the input channels as well as the mix and group outputs.
    In the IO menu monitor tab select the ME input channel and then using the data input knob you can scroll through all of the choices.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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