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    Obviously, to set up a standard monitor mix in an AUX (say AUX1) it’s supposed to be as simple as press ‘mix’ on the Aux and raise the appropriate channel faders. Signal then goes to that AUX. Standard stuff.

    Well, that’s correct it does happen that way …. and then not.

    Weirdly I can select ‘mix’ on a channel and raise the AUX fader which then produces the channel’s signal to its output that way. But even that is intermittent at times.

    This morning I was setting up some AUX mixes the normal way. No settings or anything were changed or touched.

    I turned my back for a few minutes then went to set up an Aux but no signal went from the channels to the AUX.

    It’s not rocket science but is there some oddity I don’t know about???

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    Any solution to this ?
    Same thing happened here, couldn’t raise other channels aux send…
    Showed on the editor / aux master meter, but would not send sound to the output
    Only a reboot of EVERYTHING A&H solved the problem…
    Overload of network activity ?

    Thanks for further information
    and best regards


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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