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    Good morning everyone,
    I have a small doubt, and it is that I am looking for an RJ45 switch that works with the Allen protocol and they told me about a French brand but I don’t remember its name. They told me I was the only one who didn’t throw the clock at them.
    Does anyone know what the name of that brand of switch is?

    Thank you very much in advance

    have a good day

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    The short answer is “I don’t know” unfortunately but curious what your use case is? Are you trying to hook up multiple DX I/O’s to the Avantis SLink port? If so, why not use DX HUB (is it a cost issue) or daisy chain (on the 16 port IO’s)?

    Seems to me that the DX HUB is essentially a 5 port ethernet switch with 1 port working at 1GB (GigaACE) and 4 ports working at 100MB (DX/dSnake) (but I could be way off base here). In the old days you could probably find 100MB switches with a 1GB uplink but not seeing them widely available with how inexpensive 1GB has become.

    You might try a 5-port 1GB L2 managed switch. Turn off every possible enhanced feature in the switch (so it’s as dumb as possible), hard code 4 of the ports to 100MB FDX, one port to 1000GB, and experiment. Avantis, connected at 100MB should support 32 total channels (DX) whereas it should support 128 total channels when connected at 1GB (GigaACE).

    If you can though, do what you are trying to do through a supported existing mechanism (either the daisy chain port or DX Hub) to minimize potential issues and support finger pointing.

    Some background info I found

    Network switch on the Slink to protect

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    Seems to me that the DX HUB is essentially a 5 port ethernet switch

    No, it’s not a simple switch.
    OTOH all GBit switches work with SLink, if you use the entire switch only for SLink.

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