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    T112 to IDR64 with Dante card. Is it possible to get the surface inputs on the Dante network?

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    Yes – in your Outputs page you can select “Input – Direct Out” then select the iLive channels that are fed from your surface inputs. In Mixer Prefs set your preferred Direct Out source (ie Post Preamp) and Fader/Mute follow options.
    I think you can also use the ACE link setting in the outputs page to set the iLive DSP channels to output over Dante. Someone correct me here if I’m wrong.

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    Hi there,
    I’m a bit new to Dante so here goes!

    iLive T80 fixed format to iDR-32 with Dante card.

    Macbook pro with Reaper installed.Everything seem to be ok but like the first post I can’t get any of the surface inputs onto the Dante network.I am using the stereo surface inputs 61/62 for this example..(backing tracks)!!

    Stix,I tried what you suggested but got stuck at “Input – Direct Out” then select the iLive channels that are fed from your surface inputs.

    Can you explain in more detail please?How do I then get Reaper to add channel 61/62 so i can include the backing tracks?

    Thank you.

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    Well there are 3 places where you do the patching- first of all via outputs section on console/editors you chose dante channels and put some signal in- bus output, channel direct out, mixrack input, etc. Then via Dante controller you route all transmitter channels to receiver (virtual sound card of your computer). Finally into your DAW you tell which virtual dante channels will go to appropriate recording tracks. If everything is done properly no problems should occur.
    Regarding the mixrack input (which does not allow to chose surface as source) and input- direct out, basically they’re the same, but second can have different points where the signal is taken from- after the preamp, hpf, should it follow channel fader and/or mute and, of course, source can be surface inputs.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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