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    After approximately 1 hour with the board, investigating settings, peripheral software, and controls. I was able to recreate the freezing of the console interface. It still passed audio but does not allow for any control on the SQ5 console, PC software, Mac software, iPad, or Stream Deck(companion server). I was about to wrap up my investigation and documentation and the console decided to lock up. It is possible that as I attached more control software the console gives up.

    I attempted to disconnect the network line to the board. The issue did not resolve.

    I attempted to discover the board on the control software manually, and this did not resolve.

    I was forced to reset the board via the power switch on the back right side of the board. This resolved the network issue.

    I did notice on the diagnostics page at 11:40 am when originally powered on until 12:30 pm when the console froze some temperature and the fan increased. Not sure if these increases are related directly to all the remote software interfacing with the console, I tested this theory but did not see a significant change while testing. I also do not know the optimal running temp, etc, or the factual threshold of known A&H hardware issues with.

    SQ5 is running the latest ‘released’ Firmware: Version 1.5.6 (r4043)

    11:40 AM (power on)
    12:30 PM (console freeze)
    Core Temp
    72.59c (Max: 72.72c, Min 32.24c)
    76.78c (Max: 78.5c, Min: 58.94c)

    Core Voltage
    0.991v (Max: 1.003v, Min 0.987v)
    0.988v (Max: 1.001v, Min: 0.985v)
    DAC temp:
    53.00c (Max: 53:00c, Min: 25.00c)
    62.00c (Max: 62.00c, Min: 48.00c)
    Fan speed:
    Fan1: 308rpm, Fan2: 313rmp
    Fan 1: 445rpm, Fan 2: 457rpm


    Version 1.5.0 – Reference Guide


    Version 1.5.6 – Release Notes



    Troubleshooting / Investigating

    I experienced no issues with the console freezing while using it for 45-50 minutes. Until approximately 50-60 min in.


    Multiple / all software controls were connected. (maybe this is the issue, too many software control connections)

    I did investigate the network traffic during service times and this is not an issue of the network hardware as suggested in the A&H community post.

    I did however tweak a network setting on the board just in case. (see below DHCP to Static)

    I also corrected the iPad network settings. (incorrect network)

    What devices are trying to control the board? 


    I initially was able to connect and control the console via perfectly
    The SQ MixPad App on the iPad is updated

    The iPad iOS was on 15.5 – I updated it to iOS 15.6.1

    It was also found to be on the ________ network and not the necessary ________ network to control the SQ5 console. I disconnected and “forgot the ________ network so that the iPad does not get confused moving forward.

    Stream Deck w/ Companion server. (I think this could be the biggest culprit. )

    I tested the stream deck. ____ and team I believe did the initial configuration of the server/controls and it seems to be working. The companion software that powers the stream deck however was not fully updated.

    I updated the companion software on the Audio PC from:

    Version 2.1.3 (2.1.3-6b6820cd-2696) to 2.3.0

    I did find someone that was experiencing MIDI error ECONNRESET & MIDI error ETIMEDOUT issues until they updated the companion software.

    One theory is that this is not a 100% sanctioned or A&H-approved control device. A&H does allow for control via MiDI commands over IP, but these TCP packets deliver over the network potentially could be causing the board to lock up from time to time. The TCP I believe even if the buttons are not being used on the stream deck. The companion server will still send packets to devices communicating the state of the SQ5 control services. Therefore bogging down the processing capabilities of the SQ5. The updated companion software has some additional settings for the SQ5. One is ‘Retrieve Console Status’.

    I did pull the log file from the companion server. It shows thousands of commands received or packets of information in the couple of hours that I was testing and troubleshooting. Regardless if I was using the stream deck or not. 

    My suggestion is to remove companion out of the picture for a few services and see if the console stays stable.

    I recommend that ____ and team read up on the control protocol to ensure the TCP, UDP, OSC, and Ember+ are all necessary for the companion software to work with the console. I am almost positive that TCP/IP is the only required socket and listen port. However, I am not sure what other control protocols they are looking to accomplish with the companion server.





    PC – the firmware is updated to Version 1.5.0

    I tested the control of the PC software and it controlled the console perfectly, the immediate fader controls also reflected perfectly on the iPad and mac software.

    Mac – the firmware is updated to Version 1.5.0

    I tested the control of the Mac software and it controlled the console perfectly, the immediate fader controls also reflected perfectly on the iPad and mac software.


    Console –

    SQ5 is running the latest ‘released’ Firmware: Version 1.5.6 (r4043)

    On the SQ5. The console was configured with a dynamic IP address. It was the proper IP statically assigned on the firewall, but I changed the settings on the console to be statically assigned to and turned DHCP off. This may help with networking confusion. (turns out it didn’t matter – as the board froze later)



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