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    Several times over the last month our GX4616 has lost connection with our SQ7. We lose only inputs that are running through the GX. All analog connections to the board work fine. The only way to regain connection is to reload the scene we’re using. So far, we’ve confirmed viability of the CAT6 cable connecting the GX to SQ on multiple occasions. Our firmware is current. I’ve seen this mentioned on other feeds pertaining to Avantis and GX. We also have an occasional anomaly wherein the preamp and EQ settings do not load on any of the channels or they load very slowly on the SQ.

    Has anyone seen this before or encountered it and identified the problem/fix? Any suggestions appreciated.

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    KeithJ A&H

    @BishopBob (great name btw!)

    This seems very strange, there should be no correlation between scene recalls and the actual connection of expanders – though there can of course be differences in patching.
    A few things to check:
    When you have lost connection/signal, does the SQ show that nothing is connected (either at the top right of the screen or in the I/O screen)?
    Have you tried enabling patching filters to prevent scene recalls from changing any patching?
    Do you have anything connected to the USB or network port that could be sending control messages to the SQ that might change patching inadvertently?


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    Hey, Keith!

    Thanks for the reply. We tend to kind of jump into panic mode when this happens as it’s always been during live production. I haven’t thought to look at the screen for connection info. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time, should there be one. As for other peripherals connected, the only thing we have is a Dante network connection to a broadcast booth for live stream mixing. When this happens, they lose everything there as well. Do you think that could be a potential culprit?

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    Søren Steinmetz

    I think Keith might be better to explain, but my first thought as you have both a GigACE link and a Dante, what primary clock do you have on the console as well as on the Dante card ?

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