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    the fan of my sq dante card is particularly loud.
    in comparison, the SQ6 cooling fans are very quiet, almost unnoticeable.

    all the cooling vents of the sq are clear and the room temperature is below 23 C.

    I can still hear the dante card fan 4 meters away from the desk…

    this is very annoying at the mixing position in a calm environment like a studio booth.
    Same in a concert hall or theater, both for the operator and the public adjacent to the mixer.

    Thierry Simonot

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    FWIW, I hear the fan on my Dante card but it isn’t very loud. On other fans, I have installed 220 ohm 1w resistors in the +12 fan power wires which slows the fans down and makes them inaudible. Not sure how hot the Dante card gets, and I recommend some research/inquireries before you take on the project. Also might look for a “super-quiet” fan of the correct size on the net to replace the noisy one.

    With audio over IP needing SO many processors, the overall fan noise in the control room is certainly going up. I am not sure how to remedy this except making each fan as quiet as I can individually. And it’s only going to get worse. 🙁


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    Hi TTS. Unacceptably loud on the card I just received and installed too. Did you ever find a solution for this?

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    Agree, the noise from the Dante card is VERY annoying. As already mentioned, could A&H at least add an option to turn it off, while the card is not in use. Please!

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