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    Hi everyone! I’m a new SQ6 user, I been working on it for a week only, I’m switching from a Presonus mixer board. One thing I liked about the other board and that I found very useful was the instrument presets library that comes with it, specially when a none-part of the band instrument/singer was jumping on stage by surprise!
    I was able to setup a channel really fast for that instrument with processing and everything and sometimes I didn’t even have to do a lot of adjustments to it.
    I do shows where the first band will be only guitars, the second band keyboards and congas and the third band trumpets and drums! So this feature works great for me!
    I had saved templates of shows/scenes of the entire mix on the board, for reasons i explained. I see I can do that with the SQ6, save and recall scenes, but I don’t see any instrument preset on it.
    I read somewhere that feature will be probably included soon in a new firmware, I just would like to know if that’s true or if it’s already out. My mixer firmware is V1.2.2
    I’ll appreciate any help.

    Thank you.

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    See section 4.3 in the manual for info on Libraries:

    Libraries – Where available, pressing the ‘Library’ key displays a library window, allowing you to store or recall settings for things such as FX units, channel processing or input patches. Presets are stored in the Factory library, and a User library is provided to store your own settings. Libraries are also used to load FX units, through the loading of a preset.

    There are quite a few things already in there, but you can add you own too.

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    Thank you Mark, I found it! I appreciate that!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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