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    Good day, everyone.

    There was a meeting going on at the church I run sound for when a kid crashed into a light pole and knocked out the power in the whole building. It came back on about an hour and half later and all our electronics looked good, from the TVs to the LED wall to the computers. However, when I tried to use the microphones to record a video, I noticed that my SQ-5 was not receiving any signal.

    The SQ-5 is connected to the AR-2412, which is where our piano, drums, guitar, mic, etc, is connected. I played a song into the SQ-5 using a computer via the ST ports and got sound into my personal monitors that are connected locally to the mixer, but when I try to do anything with the AR-2412, there is no sound coming out. I’ve tested the speakers independently and they work, the microphone receivers all show signal, but the AR-2412 does not provide sound to the speakers. It’s still blinking orange for the signal though. Please help.

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    KeithJ A&H


    If the setup is exactly the same and you’ve checked all patching, this would point to a hardware issue and not something you could fix by pressing any combination of buttons.
    Please either contact us using support.allen-heath.com or get in touch with your distributor (https://www.allen-heath.com/community/distributors/) who, if there is a hardware issue, would be the people who could carry out a repair.


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    Thank you very much, Mr. KeithJ. I have reached out to our distributor via email and 3 phone calls this morning, no response yet. I will keep on trying.

    Nevertheless, I want to see if I can confirm whether this is just the digital snake giving the issue or should I also be concerned about the mixer as well although it can still receive signal?

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    Mike C

    Do you get a solid “ready” light next to the #9 output jack?

    For testing can you move the AAR2412 next to the mixer and connect it with
    short cat jumper cable?

    Do you know anyone in your area who has another AR2412 or even an AB168 you could try, that would confirm the connection to the mixer.

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    Hi everybody and nice hello to everyone

    I got this faulty one time with normal CAT5-cable.
    Therefore i use always CAT5e, its designed for faster networking speeds and reduced crosstalk interference, than the CAT5.
    I get no trouble until now with it.
    That is, what i can say

    kind regards

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