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    It would be really great to have a soft shutdown sequence that actually shuts the board down (rather then what amounts to a basic save feature then a hard power off switch). There are many IP based commands available already that would allow this series board to integrate very well with a Crestron, AMX, or Extron control system but no way to safely sequence it in the shutdown and power up of the entire system. I’d love to be able to do a soft power up, power down in a church we are working with now with a new QU32 and have the control system power the power on the board via IP at the correct time then have it recall a scene and setup the board for certain users then at the end of their service, have it save like the soft button does now then power it off. On a side note, as it’s currently built, it would also be nice to have a soft button to start back up from it’s soft off state if the user started the shutdown process then decided to maybe leave it on for the next service without having to use the hard switch to power cycle it. But the above suggestion would resolve that if that could possibly be added to a firmware update in the future. If it’s a hardware limitation, would be nice for future versions to include the soft on/off like some other types of boards already using this feature.

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