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    Phil Driscoll

    I often use soft keys to implement features common on broadcast desks, such as talkback to multiple different destinations or temporarily routing a snoop microphone to PAFL ext in so I can hear the conductor of an orchestra responding to talkback.

    For many of these functions, life would be a whole lot easier and safer if the soft keys were momentary rather than latching. Additionally, the keys often work in the opposite sense to their intended function. For example, implementing talkback to a particular aux mix usually involves turning OFF a mute group.

    So, my feature request is for the soft key configuration screen to present two more options:
    normal/inverted switch behaviour
    It can all default to the current behaviour, so hopefully, cause no confusion or problems loading scenes/shows.

    I could then have, say, a talk to Aux3 soft key which is momentary in action, and turns off a mute group (but still lights up) when activated.

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    the softkeys could be so powerful, but i just have a lot of them with no proper functions to assign.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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