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    Hey There…
    I’ve seen it on several dLive Surfaces – there’s a noticable delay when pressing a Button next to the control screen till the view really shows up. Is this something you could get fixed in software updates or is this limited to the hardware?

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    Hi Eotsskleet,

    You’ll notice a significant delay the first time a different system page is loaded after boot. However once you’ve loaded it once, there should not be a significant delay until the next time you power cycle the console.

    Working this way significantly reduces the time it takes the console to boot, by introducing a short delay the first time each page is used, as it’s loaded into RAM.


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    I’ve noticed this since day one on our surface. The thing that’s concerning to me is the more we update it the slower it gets. Once you see the login screen, there about a 10 second freeze time until you can actually input a password. In addition, when you shut down the unit, it takes 3-4 times longer than when we first got it.

    I’m wondering if, when updating, would there be a way for it to install the OS from scratch and then recall your show; or is it doing that already, but the OS is so “patched” it just going to continue to get worse?

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    I’ve noticed this on my surfaces when selecting the ‘Meters’ page. It was long a long enough delay to make me think something was wrong but it eventually popped up.

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