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    We recently replaced our AR2412 which has a hardware failure. (In the interim we rented a AR2412 from a local AV supplier, which worked perfectly).

    Connected the replacement AR2412 the Slink light flashes and the SQ6 desk indicated it is connected but the ready light does not come on and all patching is ‘Unavailable’ in the I/O menu.

    Not entirely sure why this is happening as I have swapped them out 1:1.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Have you waited ling enough for the AR24 Tobias Update Firmware?

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    Jim King

    Hey there and first of all sorry for my bad english. IĀ“ll try my very best…. šŸ˜‰

    Yesterday i had exactly the same issue. Connected a completly new AR2412 to a SQ5, Slink lights were flashing but the ready light did not turn on and patching was not possible. So i waited for a longer time, did all my cabling on the stage, setting up microphones etc….but still no ready light came up.
    The Quick Start Guide wich came within the new AR2412 says, the firmware update on the AR2412 is done automatically when linked to the desk and can last up to 2 minutes. I waited much more longer but it didnĀ“t work.
    For the reason that it was the bandĀ“s own SQ5 i took a look at the firmware on it. And it wasnĀ“t the latest version, but also not a very old one (1.5.0 i think). So i updated the SQ5 and then it worked with the new AR2412.

    So far so good, BUT: what is the real problem? Was the firmware on the very new AR2412 already a later/”better” one than on the SQ? Unfortunately thereĀ“s no way to see the firmware version on AR2412 (or other stageboxes), or do i just donĀ“t know how to do it? AND, shouldnĀ“t be firmware backwards compatible?
    I think, the best way would be, that a stagebox should always check firmware versions on the connected desk and should “update” to that version, no matter if itĀ“s the latest one or an older one. For the reason that it does the “firmware check” automatically when itĀ“s connected, i cannot see, why it should be a problem to program it like that….
    Maybe i my thoughts are wrong, then please tell me. Otherwise iĀ“ll suggest that to A&H for upcoming updates….

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    Yes your thoughts are wrong. Release notes clearly state that current SQ Firmware ist needed for latest AR24.

    Best Regards,

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