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    The video team had a problem tonight with too much gain from mix78.
    They said take down mike x, then no make that mike y, yada yada.

    It would have helped us help them if we had a screen that shows the levels of all mikes at once.
    Think layout like the RTA screen only showing channels not frequency bands and the pafl values of them.
    Then we could have seen what was redlining their indicator.

    They already (dont ask me why) are using two headphones on their gear to try to guess at levels instead of using better meters on screen.

    And it is not practical to run another headset to them from the mixer location.

    And even if we like the mix politics says we should kowtow to their silliness when they want random changes.

    Showing the levels of all mikes at once would help pinpoint faster which mike was too hot.
    NOTE: There were no red peaks on the Qu and the output levels were well below peak too.
    It was the totality that caused them the problem (assuming it was really a problem and not them being them again), and their sensitive ears seemed to think one mike was too hot.

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    Hit “Home” then “Meters”.

    But your video team is right – you can’t


    the sound with your eyes.

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    Mike C

    It’s not just the video team that has problems in the sound booth!!!
    I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch your production in the sound booth.

    The mic gain settings will affect both the main mix and the every other
    mix and output on the mixer, they should be already set and not adjusted
    to change the video mix.

    It sounds like they wanted some of the mix 7&8 send level adjusted.
    There is no meter for channel mix send levels on a QU.

    Do the video team make there mix adjustments directly on the mixer surface
    or just yell out the changes they want made?

    If they are not they should be using the QU You mix APP on an Ipad so they can
    mix the live stream mix how they want for better or worse.
    With that APP they can not get into the settings for the main mix.

    The meter screen Mark mentioned shows input levels and mix out levels.

    Again your asking for hardware to fix operator and people problems.

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    I agree with you!
    Politics says we must please the whims of the video team.

    They did not want mix78 level adjusted this time. We do that when they ask to raise/lower that level.
    This time they did not like the ‘mix’ itself and wanted one mike lower but they did not know which one was causing their problem, offending their ears and clipping on OBS after they set the levels with their own audio interface.

    We have suggested the Qu You ap, but anything we suggest is automatically rejected and will never be considered.


    Thanks. I normally only use home to log off. Will check the other screens there.

    You can use ears to set how the sound quality is to you but you need a meter to set LUFs levels and other factors nobody’s ears are calibrated to do.

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    It’s not just the video team that has problems in the sound booth!!!
    I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch your production in the sound booth.

    I’m thinking a new Monthy Python episode 😁


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    It is frustrating to watch as we are on the edge for GBF; but they have mostly stopped all the big problems now.
    What we still have are minor ones that only picky listeners would mention but the audience is happy with.

    I know even those could be fixed if anyone wanted to just take the time and fix it. But a couple of golden eared types would rather have ‘better’ sound on the edge of problems than to have good sound with a big margin for errors or user goofs.

    It will be fun to watch soon as they are about to train 3 more volunteers. One might have used an analog mixer in the past.
    The others, AFAIK are brand new and still in HS , and the other is unknown so may or may not have some exposure to audio.

    Now if they simply use them to run the ppt slides or videos from the other PC then they will cause no problems.
    Doing both of those with one operator had been causing problems at times, although mostly with syncing the slides.

    I can envision the new folks setting off feedback howls/squeals when the preacherman asks for more volume like he always does.

    And this does not even touch on the video team which has much bigger and many more problems. They are going to ‘fix’ all
    the livestream problems with a fancy new camera and related gear. Unless they can buy some AI type automatic operation that knows how to adapt with the situation then they will never fix the problems that people have said things about. But they would still have to show up on time to turn it on. I have seen them start streaming after 10 minutes into the session. People at home probably gave up thinking this was another day they skipped doing it completely like they have also done in the past.

    The camera is supposedly going to fix a non existent image problem from back when they misused our camera to send 720p instead of the full capability of its ability to send 1080p full HD. Some user seems to have used a cheap ‘4K’ ‘compliant’ TV that uprezzes to 4K from HD but had a bad picture trying to uprez to 4K from the 720p which we were sending at that time.

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    Mike C

    If video does not like the mix someone in that group needs to know actually
    how to mix in the fist place and then use the QU You APP to mix while they monitor
    with headphones.

    It does sound like a Monty Python act in the making.

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    The audio team knows how to mix. The video team is totally clueless about everything, but especially video.
    They think because they had a garage band once and used an analog mixer once that with their golden ears everything will work.
    The video team also has a bad case of Dunning-Kruger combined with big egos and lack of common sense.

    They are also stubborn and since we told them to use the Qu You ap they wont even consider it.

    Best case the church will merge audio and video and the video team does it all.
    Then I am out of here and can enjoy some schadenfreude.
    Bad case they stick audio team with everything and we have to use their silly approach.
    Worst case we all keep fumbling around while they buy fancy cameras and wonder why their operational problems are still there.

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