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    Hi. This is a noob question I need help with.
    I cant get the ST1, ST2, ST3 to my DAW. I can olny see channel 1-32 as individual monos or stereo pairs.
    In my I/O patch > monitor on the qu-pac it says are patched from 33-38.
    I cant find those channels as separate sources in Ableton/Logic where I choose “Audio from”

    Where do I change it So they can be mapped in daw?

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    The IO Patch\Monitor section is for the MEU\ME1 (40 channels.) It’s not for streaming USB audio (limited to 32 channels.) Setup>IO Patch>USB Audio is where you need to be. By default you get the first 30 channels and LR (though LR is on ch17+18.) The stereo ins are not part of the 32 channel USB stream. You have to replace some of the channels already there with your stereo ins if you want them to appear in your DAW.

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    Right. IO Patch / Monitor is for Dsnake connected devices.
    You want IO Patch / USB Audio.

    Check pg75 in the manual for more info.

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    Thank you very much for answering. That did the trick!
    So much to wrap my head around right now…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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