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    Hi there

    I’m completely stuck trying to achieve a particular setup. Would really apprecate any help.

    I need to create a gun shot plus echo from behind the audience.

    Let’s say that input-9 is the gun shot. and output-6 is at the back of the audience.

    For routing from input-9 I set the following send levels:

    – to MainLR = off. I don’t want to send to front of house
    – to out-6 = 0dB
    – to fx-1 = 0dB. to add the echo.

    Then from fx-1 I set the following send levels:

    – to MainLR = off. I don’t want to send to front of house
    – to out-6 = 0dB

    Hopefully this seems reasonable. However the problem is that whilst the dry sound gets from input-9 to out-6 absolutely fine, no signal gets from input-9 to fx-1…

    I have been playing with this for hours and the only way that I can get any signal from input-9 to fx-1 is to raise the send from input-9 to MainLR! But I don’t want to send any signal from input-9 to front of house. Only to fx-1 and out-6.

    Thanks in advance for any help

    additional notes: fx-1 is in shared mode with FX Send level = 0dB.
    firmware version 1.2

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    Hi xilevet654

    According to the Block diagram of firmware version 1.2 the Input sends to FX are always post fader of the input channels, which goes to MainLR, too. The same applies to the FX sends to the Aux-Outputs. Therefore, you can not achieve this with FX in shared mode. At least not at this firmware level.

    But, you could use a FX inserted in the channel of the gun shot, say input 9. The sends to the AUX/OUT-channels 1 to 6 can be switched pre and post fader. You need to switch the send to channel 6 to pre fader (CONFIG -> OUTPUTS -> Out6 -> “Input Send Levels” to “Pre Fader”). With that you can send the dry and wet signal only to Output 6.
    Dry and Wet signal can be mixed on the FX page with the “Mix-Control”.

    Alternatively, if you like to have some of the dry gun shot in FOH, you also could insert the effect in Out6, instead of the channel input 9.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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