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    Rob T

    Something that would be really nice for stage patching is scribble strip displays on the stagebox, showing the name of each input/output as patched and named on the console. Would be a nice time saver, and greatly reduce confusion when you’ve got one person dealing with stage inputs and someone else at the console. And I’m not aware of any manufacturer with a product like this in the market.

    The big downside to this feature (setting aside the development effort required) is cost, and I expect that this is why this feature doesn’t exist in the market. Adding the display is probably around $10/channel, so an extra $250 on a 16×8 stagebox. This almost certainly keeps it out of the entry-level offerings, but for the higher-end offerings (thinking DX168, at least), it could make sense.

    Thoughts? Would you pay the premium for this feature?

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    I agree that this wouuld be handy.

    Helped myself on the issue by creating magnetic label strips which can be changed very fast. I use simple magnetic Inkjet Photo Paper for that, works fairly well and you can simply stack the stripes on the front plate of the stagebox or any other steel/iron plate. Same thing works on SQ6 Mixer surface, too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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