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    I have been using scenes quite often over the last several years on our GLD80. But now, having moved to a new DLive in our new worship center, I am looking for guidance on the proper way to apply safes when creating new scenes.

    I am in a contemporary church environment with a full worship team where the songs can vary pretty dramatically with respect to volume, genre and effect. I generally create about 7 or 8 scenes each week for our three identical services. A Sunday scene list may consist of a pre service, a diff scene for each for four or five songs, one for the message and one for post. I do have some channels designated as fully safe (e.g. Worship Leaders vocal, guitar, Pastor’s DPA Mic, selected AUX sends, etc.)

    I am usually using my scenes to alter specific and common settings for the Worship team… like EQ, FX returns, maybe some compression changes, mutes (DCA’s) etc. When the service starts, I just move between these scenes as a way to guarantee all faders, mutes, EQ, etc, are set so we get a consistent start. Once I recall a scene, I then manage the mix until the next scene.

    I have been setting up my scenes from a wide open setting… that is, nothing is safe unless I think it is important… like for input gains, or patching, etc. But since I’m looking to try and implement a virtual sound check with our Dante Card (which has been successful in recording the files) I am questioning my process, especially since I have access to a scene filter that lets you make specific changes to the defaults.

    What do you do? Is it be better to start with all scenes totally blocked on all items, and then unblock only what I normally change on specific channels? Or should I start with my my scenes wide open and only block what I think should never change?

    Any suggestions on the best way to go about this would be appreciated. I am constantly second guessing my approach when I miss something and the scene causes havoc one way or another.


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    That’s a really fabulous Original Post / Question Ron and I’m watching with keen interest 😐
    Is there a standard recomended procedure on-line anywhere as a starting point for this?

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    Scott A&H

    You can use the Global Scene Safes to lock down any features that never need change.
    At Scene Recall Filters, if you don’t have a ton of changes, I would recommend to totally block all features and only open what you need to change.
    Tech Support.

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