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    Dear all,

    I am happy to use the QU24 since one year, however there are three subjects to be reported :
    – USB transfer clicking:
    I am working with windows since years and will not invest for an Apple computer.
    With the firmware 1.4 I had after a while noisy signals disturbing the audio sound.
    I have optimized Win8 following instructions I have found on the internet.
    I have got rid of this problem with the firmware 1.5 and it works fine with a global latency of 30ms.
    The firmware 1.6 or 1.7 don’t give this results. As soon I have updated the firmware to v1.7 the noisy signals started from the beginning on. Consequently I stay with the firmware 1.5.
    – Red peak clipping:
    I had until now no specific problems, only a very low output signal from the Main output in relation with other studio devises.
    Some weeks ago a colleague from professional sound studio has mixed the QU24 in a different way based on 0 level fader positioning for each channel and the trim has been done with the input trim of each channel. The result was to have a stronger output signal compared as said before.
    However, now a problem has occurred, that at the beginning one channel peaked red, but the second green light before the peak has not light up.
    I have though at the beginning that a led was broken, but this was not the case.
    This phenomena has appeared several time on other channels and on the LR, where I have cut completely the level, but the red peak has still continued to clip.
    – Recording of scene:
    It happened several time that I have picked-up a recorded scene from day before. After a 1st scene recall, in the second scene some channel have given a different and very loud sound result from its initial recording. After correction and re-recording, I have called other scenes, before coming back to the 2nd one, but with again a different low sound result. I had to correct back to the initial mix the day before. This happened several time.
    Now I control each time if the levels are OK. This is possible in a studio, but not on a live concert.

    I know that this will stay for me as I will stay with version 1.5, as the newer versions don’t satisfy my needs regarding the USB transfer constrains, but this info can be taken for future improvements.

    Best regards

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    just a few short comments
    – USB streaming: I personally don’t have problems with multichannel audio-streaming from V1.6/V1.7 using win7
    – Peak led: If you see the red (multipoint) peak led flashing and the 0 db (input level) led stay off, then you have some clipping inside the signal path. Check EQ settings or compressor gain, for example.
    – Scene restore: sounds like that particular scene has some filters engaged (i.e. input gain)

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    Andreas, thanks for your comments.
    – USB streaming, I have some experience on Windows configuration, and this is what I have reached with Win8. Certainly it is better with Win7, which is a more lighter OS.
    – Peak red led, as I have explained, it is strange to see on the LR fader all 3 led lightening up (sig, 0, red) and when you reduce the level down to “inf” progressively the with the movement of the fader, the green led stops, but the red light continue to show a red signal, and this happens also with other channels and there is no peak on input signal or EQ or compressors.
    – Scene recall function, I don’t use the filter functions, but I agree it seems something linked with the wrong or not complete recall function.

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