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    Second gig with the CQ20B last night.

    First went great, recorded multitrack to SD. Same with one rehearsal. Able to record and playback from the CQ, and also transfer the files via SD to my Mac.

    But last night, recorded several hours of footage and the card showed up empty on my mac, but with much of the disk space consumed (11GB left from 32GB).

    I put the card back in the CQ, and saw the files there…

    so i then put the card back in my Mac, and now it says 32G free. And now if i put the card back in the mixer it says 32GB free now. Seems like everything is now gone.

    Im using a sandisk ultra U1/class10 120MB/s card. And this card worked for the last gig.

    Any ideas??

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    Not cq related, but it happened to me when some app was probably still reading/writing the card and that somehow upset something there. It happened a few times when putting backing tracks on my card, my backup card and USB stick (never too many backups)… It showed fine on pc, but on mixer (Line6 M20d) it couldn’t read the card at all, put it back to pc, appears empty. Other card and stick were fine, which is why I always carry all 3 with me, in case of errors.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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