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    I’m new to digital mixers as a whole, so please forgive my ignorance.

    Is there a quick and easy way to set up a mute fx button? Specifically I’m looking for an idiot-proof way to turn off reverb on a mic for spoken sections between songs

    Many thanks in advance for any and all help!

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    Phil Driscoll

    Yes. Add all the FX Send busses to a mute group and then assign that mute group to a button on the surface.

    Note that you mute the sends rather than the returns, so that you don’t get a harsh cutoff of a reverb tail or echo.

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    Thanks Phil

    Any chance that you (or someone else) could dumb that down for me? I’m an IT manager rather than a sound tech, and I’ve been assigned the task because I’m supposed to understand everything technical (apparently!) lol

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    If it’s actually just a reverb effect, it would be even easier than Phil’s tip, to just pull the reverb send fader to the desired layer (probably A).
    See the manual under “Strip Assign” on page 69.
    You can then use this fader to control the intensity and use the Mute button to turn off the FX.

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    Both suggestions are good. We do what SQuser suggests because we have only a simple single reverb and having a fader on our custom layer makes it easy to—as SQuser said—not only enable/disable the send, but also control the amount of reverb.

    Cool thing about this desk is there are lots of ways to do what you need so you can pick what works best for your workflow (or, in our case, what is easiest for our volunteers! 😀

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    Many thanks to all for the advice

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