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    Has there been any compatibility problems reported or issues/bug/problems with anyone using the usb b audio interface of the qu32 (or other models) with the new Apple M2/M2 Pro chip macs?

    I’m about to switch out our theatres sound mac (running qlab with our Qu32) for a M2 Pro mac mini and would rather know of any issues early rather than later…


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    Hi Phil – be cautious…

    We have recently upgraded our sound system to a new M2 chiped Mac Mini, generally running all audio and video via QLab. Anticipating issues, we updated the Qu32 firmware to the latest version, and connected the mac to the Qu32 via an ‘official’ Apple USB adaptor into the Qu’s USB port.
    Unfortunatly the results are dissapointing. Every few seconds there is a click, soemtimes very audible – sometimes less so.

    Thinking it was a problem with the Mac, we swapped it out with a new MacBook Pro, also with an M2 chip – same problem….swapping back to the older Mac the problem goes away. Not a QLab issue, as same clicking when playing back via iTunes.

    Very disapointed that Allen & Heath have not kept up with other companies progress – as THE main digital thing that will be connected via the USB port into what is, you know, a digital mixer, there should be constant eyes on what Apple are up to!!

    With 3 Qu mixers in our venues, I’m hoping the A&H will ride over the hill with a fix very soon. After over 30 years of championing and buying A&H mixers – I might be forced to jump ship – it will be a sad day.

    Any help or advice from ANY quarter will be welcome

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    Thanks for adding about this – really useful to know.

    Hope you get a response from A&H / fix comes soon.


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @clive and @philsp

    The Qu USB-B interface is a Class Compliant audio device.
    We do provide an ASIO/WDM driver for Windows for performance and patching, but when it comes to Mac, no driver is required.
    This means there is nothing on our end to update or change and so any issues with brand new Mac hardware or OS will be due to Apple not supporting Class Compliant audio devices correctly.
    We are not aware of any issues with M2 Macs specifically, I am currently running Monterey on one with no clicking, popping, drop outs at all.
    The reason for running Monterey is that there are often bugs and tweaks required by Apple for months after releasing a new OS.

    @clive – what OS were you running that worked and which OS were you running when the clicking was heard?
    If M2 + Monterey, then please contact us using support.allen-heath.com so we can look into this with you.


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    Hi Keith,
    Thank you for the update/info on M2 Macs, its most appreciated.

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